Aree di Competenza

Labour, Social Security and Trade Union law

Our lawyers provide advice and assistance on labour, social security and trade union law issues, as well as compliance measures concerning Italian and European laws and regulations. We have consolidated expertise in the following areas:

Establishing and managing employment – advice in the negotiation, drafting and execution of employment agreements (including executives), national and international secondments, consultancy agreements, project and work agreements, and the arrangement of specific covenants to be included in the same agreements (e.g. non-competition, confidentiality and non-solicitation clauses, incentive plans, the adoption of disciplinary measures, the use of internet and electronic mail. 

The arrangement and management of company policies and ethical codes.

Social security law – Safety – The firm provides advice on all social security-related issues, as well as on compliance with the laws and regulations on health, safety and hygiene in the workplace.

Trade unions – assistance and advice in negotiations with trade unions including those in compliance with applicable laws and regulations connected, for example, to collective dismissals, going concerns transfer and bargaining agreement renewals, etc.

Litigation – assistance in individual and collective dismissals and relevant proceedings, including litigation connected with mobbing and demotion issues.