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Ambition, dynamism and determination. These are the qualities that have characterized Limatola Avvocati since the beginning.
When Luigi Limatola founded the law firm in the 1960’s in Naples, Limatola Avvocati was a small and local reality that slowly got bigger and reached some of the most important Italian capitals. Milan, Modena, Rome, Naples and Palermo, Limatola Avvocati embraces the whole country…but we did not stop there!

The Lawfirm has crossed the Atlantic, and has had a desk in New York for a long time to support American and Italian companies interested in investing in Italy and overseas.

Who is the lawyer of the Studio Limatola?
A professional that works with simplicity and efficiency.
A professional that day after day commits to satisfy the needs of the client, including the most complex ones.
A professional who can offer serious counselling in the most important sectors of the entrepreneurial activity: work, commercial and financial sectors.
A professional who makes a difference, because he is a partner and not only an advisor.
A partner to start a journey with and reach the end goal.