Practice areas
  • Privacy
  • The Firm provides advice and assistance on compliance with privacy laws and regulations, relationships with the competent regulatory authorities, and the analysis and management of all privacy-related issues connected with M&A transactions, employment law and intellectual property rights. We have gained extensive experience in negotiation and drafting clauses regulating the treatment of personal data relating to a firm’s contracts (including the terms and conditions regulating the collection and treatment of personal data on websites).

  • Administrative law
  • The Firm advises and assists clients in all matters relating to administrative law, including public supply, services and operating tender contracts, privatisations, transactions concerning public held companies and funds, and publicly subsidised investments. Furthermore, we provide assistance with any permit and authorization required to carry on manufacturing and sales activities, as well as assisting with any authorization, licence and permit required for town planning and zoning. The Firm also provides clients with advice and support in the preparation of the relevant documentation and in any related litigation (in both civil and administrative courts).

  • Banking law and financing – Debt restructuring
  • The Firm provides clients with advice and assistance in corporate finance, debt restructuring, project financing and property finance, securitizations, and commercial and export credit, as well as the regulatory issues concerning the financial sector. The Firm also advises and assists clients in arranging for relevant documentation and agreements.

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring
  • The Firm provides advice to clients in cases of insolvency or financial crisis, as well as the suppliers and creditors of distressed companies during the pre-bankruptcy stages and bankruptcy proceedings. Our lawyers provide advice on agreements for the assignment of assets to creditors or third parties and at the proceedings for composition with creditors.

    Our lawyers also represent court commissioners, extraordinary administrators and bankruptcy trustees at the relevant proceedings.

  • Commercial Distribution law
  • The Firm provides clients with advice and assistance in the negotiation, drafting and execution of business contracts regulating the manufacture, promotion, distribution and sale of goods and services (e.g., tolling agreements, commercial agency, distribution agreements, concessionaire agreements, franchising agreements, licensing agreements, etc.).

  • Commercial law
  • The Firm provides clients with advice and assistance in the negotiation, drafting and execution of the usual business contracts, including agreements regulating goods and services, procurement and supply, merchandising, sponsorship and advertisement agreements, contracts regulating the production and distribution of multimedia products and services, and those regulating B2B and B2C projects.

  • Commercial practices – Consumer law
  • The Firm provides clients with advice and assistance in compliance activities regarding consumer rights (and also in connection with planning and setting up marketing and sales strategies) and any relevant issues, including those related to unfair commercial practices and deceptive and comparative advertising.

  • Company law
  • The Firm provides advice and assistance in all corporate law-related matters connected to company operation and governance (shareholders/directors meetings, by-laws, shareholders agreements, etc.) and the so-called extraordinary corporate transactions (mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, contribution of going concerns, etc.), including company reorganization connected, for example, with the handing over of control to the new generations. These activities are carried out in close collaboration with lawyers from other areas of practice in order to guarantee the most efficient corporate and financial structuring of the transactions.

    Some of the lawyers  are also members of the Boards of Directors and Statutory Auditors of Italian companies.

  • Competition law
  • The Firm provides clients with legal advice and assistance in relation to a vast range of competition law issues including cartels and abuse of dominant position.

  • Cooperatives and non-profit organization law
  • The Firm provides assistance in the cooperative company sector with, especially issues regarding the peculiar position of the worker-shareholder carrying out different kinds of activities (the legal framework, payment, and the relationship between legal and contractual rules andthe cooperatives’ internal rules and regulations). Furthermore, the Firm advises on compliance with the special laws and regulations applicable to non-profit organizations, especially in the treatment of personnel and the legal requirements for qualification as a non-profit organization and to benefit from tax incentives.

  • Criminal law
  • The Firm provides legal assistance in as well as out of court in the field of criminal law. Clients include private individuals, businessmen and companies advised in various issues of criminal law, including investigations for clients and the defence in court of the victim of offence.
    Special expertise includes: corporate, bankruptcy and tax criminal law; labour, environmental, urban planning and construction criminal law; industrial and intellectual property criminal law.
    Moreover, the Firm offers advice with regards to liability of companies (L. Dec. no. 231/01), and assists clients in cases of offences against Public Administration, right of the individual and private property; offences against honour and privacy, safety and health. 

  • Energy
  • The Firm provides the client with advice and assistance on compliance with the energy sector’s rules and regulations, on relationships with the competent regulatory authorities, the development and construction of power-generation facilities using traditional  and renewable sources, as well as the negotiation and drafting of relevant agreements, including those regulating electrical energy transportation, distribution and stock, EPC and O&M agreements, and financing agreements (i.e. project financing and leasing). Such activities are always carried out in close collaboration with lawyers from other practice areas (typically from the Corporate, Financing and Administrative Departments).

  • Enterprise Internalization
  • The Firm offers advice and assistance in relation to investments connected with industrial and commercial expansion projects on markets to be implemented through direct investment (acquisition of foreign companies, the incoporation of wholly owned subsidiaries, the establishment of joint-ventures, etc.) and indirect investments (through contractual relationships with local partners, such as distribution agreements, licence agreements, etc). The Firm, also availing itself of local experts, provides advice and support in investment analysis and can set up the most efficient strategies for their implementation (i.e. analyzing the most appropriate type of company to adopt abroad, arranging any permits or authorization required, addressing any financing-related issues) as well as the negotiation and drafting of any contracts needed to implement investments and relationships with the local industrial and commercial partners.

  • Family law
  • We handle problems connected with personal relationships and the property of spouses and minors.

  • Intellectual Property
  • The Firm provides advice and assistance in the protection and use of all types of intellectual property rights (trade-marks, patents, design, models, copyrights). The Firm has gained solid experience in the negotiation, drafting and execution of contracts regulating intellectual property rights (i.e. the transfer and acquisition of patents, trademarks, domain names, models and copyrights as well as IP-related licensing agreements) and in the management of some IP issues connected to counterfieting, “made in“, parallel imports of goods, customs duties, etc. in specific sectors such as luxury goods, fmcg and pharmaceuticals.

  • Labour, Social Security and Trade Union law
  • Our lawyers provide advice and assistance on labour, social security and trade union law issues, as well as compliance measures concerning Italian and European laws and regulations. We have consolidated expertise in the following areas:

    Establishing and managing employment – advice in the negotiation, drafting and execution of employment agreements (including executives), national and international secondments, consultancy agreements, project and work agreements, and the arrangement of specific covenants to be included in the same agreements (e.g. non-competition, confidentiality and non-solicitation clauses, incentive plans, the adoption of disciplinary measures, the use of internet and electronic mail. 

    The arrangement and management of company policies and ethical codes.

    Social security law – Safety – The firm provides advice on all social security-related issues, as well as on compliance with the laws and regulations on health, safety and hygiene in the workplace.

    Trade unions – assistance and advice in negotiations with trade unions including those in compliance with applicable laws and regulations connected, for example, to collective dismissals, going concerns transfer and bargaining agreement renewals, etc.

    Litigation – assistance in individual and collective dismissals and relevant proceedings, including litigation connected with mobbing and demotion issues.

  • Litigation-Arbitration-Alternative-Dispute Resolutions
  • Litigation– Our lawyers represent and assist clients in court, in any (ordinary and special) jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) and Constitutional Court (Corte Costituzionale), in all the Firm’s areas of practice (e.g., company law, commercial law, real estate, labour law, bankruptcy, etc.) and also in large-scale litigation.

    Our experts carry out an in-depth analysis and assessment of the issues during the pre-litigation stage and always make an assessment, including a costs and benefits analysis, of whether to go for an out-of-court settlement and going to trial.

    Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolutions – Our professionals represent and assist the clients, as lawyers or arbitrators, in national and international arbitral proceedings and in any issue pertaining to them, including matters connected to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Italy. We also provide assistance with Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings.

  • Real Estate
  • The Firm provides advice and assistance with all matters connected to the sale, purchase and development of real estate assets (including industrial, commercial and residential buildings and lands) strictly in close collaboration with the other lawyers operating in the real estate field (architects, engineers, etc.). These activities are carried out in close collaboration with lawyers in other areas of practice (typically from the Corporate, Financing and Administrative Departments).