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Employment and Social Security

Work is synonymous for everyday life. Work is the fuel of the world.

A multi-faceted and complex context that requires preparation, attention and commitment. These are characteristics that allow our Professionals to dedicate themselves to this sector, in which the protection of the main actors is paramount.

We don’t make a difference between employer and employees (whether this is a manager or an employee) and we manage every aspect related to the start, management and termination of the working relationship. After many years of experience we have identified the most delicate aspects of this discipline that are in constant transformation, so that we can manage each area carefully: negotiation with the unions for business transfer, collective redundancies, lay-offs, solidarity contracts and codes of conducts and ethics.

We did not stop there. We value the world of work all round, and we particularly value all aspects of social security (pensions, healthcare and safety). We also offer assistance in case of litigations deriving from the termination of a working relationship, or from other extreme contexts like mobbing or downgrading.