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Commercial Distribution

The activity of a company is characterized by many important decisions: placing a product on the market, choosing the most suitable distribution channels, expanding activities in new markets and countries, opening new sales channels are strategic decisions that have to be taken with advisors who have a thorough knowledge of the specific characteristics of the company’s sector.

The Professionals at Limatola Avvocati are known to be specialists in negotiating, drafting and executing all the commercial contracts necessary for managing all aspects of the distribution of a company’s products.

The experience acquired in many industries, amongst which fashion/luxury, energy/infrastructures, banks, telecommunications and services, has allowed us to form fully qualified and prepared Professionals with whom clients share and plan distribution strategies.

Our specialization includes every type of contract, from the most typical ones (sales/purchase of goods and services, agency, distribution, franchising, administration, tenders, merchandising, sponsoring, advertising, b2b and b2c projects) to the most complex and tailor-made ones.