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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage sector is one of the biggest strengths of our country and is particularly strategic to our economy.

Ongoing investments, tradition, quality, safety and sustainability are some of its most important aspects.

The Professionals at Limatola Avvocati have been assisting for many years the major players of the sector (producers, restaurants, large distributors) as well as small companies (niche producers and distributors) in all key sectors: production, outsourcing, organization of distribution and sales networks, determination of general sales conditions, exclusives, licenses, growth opportunities in Italy and abroad, intellectual property protection, antitrust matters, relationship with consumers, companies restructurings, financing transactions and so on.

We know in depth all the characteristics and specific legal problems of the sector, including those relating to logistics, innovations of process, quality control and conformity to the norms of the sector, and we work in team to insure the client has every competence necessary.